Public relationship to other nationalities

December CVVM survey was focused on Czech relationship to other nations and nationalities. Respondents were shown a list with 24 nationalities and they were asked to evaluate these nationalities with marks from 1 to 7 according to their sympathies for these nationalities (1 – very sympathetic and 7-very unsympathetic). Respondents find Czechs as the most sympathetic nation (on average 1,6). Pozitive public attitude was expressed to Slovaks, Frenchmen, Swedes, Englishmen, Austrians and Greeks (2,0 -3,0).

Poles, Japaneses, Hungarians, Americans, Germans, Indians, Lithuanians, were found a little bit less sympathetic (3,1 – 4,0). On the other side nations such as Russians, Serbs, Ukrainians, Israelis, Chineses, Turks and Kurds are supposed to be less sympathetic. And finally the worst evaluated were Afghans, Palestinians and Iraqis (more than 5,1).

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