Tolerance to Selected Groups of Population - March 2014

In March 2014 Public Opinion Research Centre focused on social distance among the majority population and different social groups. Social distance was measured by a specific question: people should pick from a list of 15 different groups those, which they would not like to have as neighbours.

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The biggest distance was noticed towards drug addicts (89 % of Czechs would not want them to be their neighbours), people with criminal past (81%), people addicted to alcohol (78%), and also people with mental disease (67%). Another question was focused on opinion about the society, that is whether people think the Czech society is tolerant, or intolerant to the same groups of people. 64% of Czechs think that the Czech society is intolerant towards the people with criminal past, 63% express the same opinion in case of drug addicts, 58% in case of alcoholics, and 54% in case of mentally ill people.

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All reports from this survey: NS_1403