Citizens about Capital Punishment

In all the monitored countries (CZ, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania) supporters of capital punishment have a quite significant majority. On a relative basis, the highest number of them is in Romania (79%), on the other hand in Lithuania there is the smallest group of capital punishment opponents (15%). Slightly lower numbers of capital punishment supporters were recorded in Poland (74%) and Lithuania (73%).

Bulgaria with 68% supporters is the next, followed by Hungary with some gap (60%). The lowest support for capital punishment within the population was registered in the CZ - 56% of the respondents. On the other hand Hungary, compared with the Czech Republic, has a higher proportion of those opposing the death penalty (34% compared to 29%), so as to the order based on the proportion between the supporters and opponents of capital punishment, both countries would exchange their positions. Comparing the results from the monitored countries, the Czech Republic differs with a relatively high share of undecided respondents (21%).