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The results of March survey CVVM show us that Czech citizens mostly discuss about political topics with their family members and friends. Before survey at least once a week a half of respondents (50 %) discussed political topics with family members and 53 % people talked about it with friends or colleagues. Only 7 % of Czech citizens spoke about it with other people and 4 % of respondents with publicly active person.

Another topic of the survey was public ideas of influence upon decisions of politicians. As well as in 2005 respondents expressed their opinion that bribes and corruption mainly influence decisions of politicians (three quarters of respondents said that bribes and corruption influence politicians the most). Interest groups and lobby influence them as well (two thirds said it influence politicians the most).

Respondents also talked about influence of some monitored media upon decisions of politicians - Czech Television and Nova TV have the biggest influence upon decisions of politicians. According to respondents´ opinion daily MF Dnes has strong influence upon decisions of politicians. Other media are supposed to have weak influence upon decisions of politicians as well as two years ago.

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