Shifts in voter support

Almost two thirds of CSSD voters would also support the party today, while 8% would vote the KSCM and 6% the ODS. Former voters of the CSSD include a relatively high percentage of those who would not participate in an election today or do not know whom to vote for (17%). 57% of respondents who voted the ODS in the June election would also support the party in late September, whereas 15% would now vote the CSSD and 7% the KDU-CSL.

14% would not vote or do not know whom to vote for. Although the KSCM has the biggest percentage of stable supporters (67%), over a tenth (12%) of those having voted the party would support the social democrats at the time of this survey. On the other hand, 8% of CSSD voters would now support the KSCM. The biggest loss of voters was incurred by the Coalition. Almost two fifths of former voters of the Coalition would now support other parliamentary parties (in particular the ODS and the CSSD). Generally, we can say that the biggest shifts in the voter support occurred, within the parliamentary parties, in the event of the ODS and the CSSD, and the CSSD and the KSCM (both in favour of the CSSD) and between the Coalition and the CSSD, and the Coalition and the ODS (to the detriment of the Coalition parties).