Citizens on the election to the European Parliament

In March 2004, 61% of Czech citizens expressed willingness to participate in the election to the European Parliament. On the other hand, over a quarter of the Czech electorate (28%) did not want to vote. The remaining 11% of respondents were still undecided. However, the real turnout tends to be lower than that revealed in polls. In respect of the election to the European Parliament, party preferences more or less copy the March popularity of individual parties in connection with the election to the Chamber of Deputies.

32% of those polled would give their vote to the ODS, whereas the CSSD and the KSCM would secure 14% of the vote and the KDU-CSL 7.5% of the vote. Other parties would not get more than 2% of the ballot. Almost a quarter (22%) of Czech citizens is still undecided about whom to vote for. The undecided often say that they would like to elect particular persons as our representatives in the European Parliament and therefore they will only make their decision after receiving the candidate lists. The party affiliation of individual candidates is not a decisive factor for them.