Voter’s decision-making process in the first European election

When choosing whom to vote for in the European election, the electorate is going to attach more importance to opinions on problems in the Czech Republic than to the party or personality of candidates.

The vast majority of those who are going to vote – 8 out of 10 – are persuaded that the party of their choice will get into the European Parliament. 10% of those polled were of the opinion that the party of their choice will not sit in the European Parliament, and the same percentage did not know.

Those surveyed were most frequently persuaded that the ODS and the CSSD would get into the European Parliament (99% of their potential voters), whereas supporters of the KSCM (88%) and the KDU-CSL (81%) were less certain of the success of their party. All those who were not absolutely certain whether the political party of their choice is elected to the European Parliament (those whose answers to the previous question were ‘probably yes’, ‘probably’ or ‘definitely not’ or ‘I do not know’) were further asked whether they would vote for that particular party even if not completely sure that it would get into the European Parliament. More than two thirds of them said they would still vote for the party, only 4% would prefer another party and 14% said they would not then participate in the election. Other respondents did not know how to react in such circumstances.