Attitudes of Czechs towards U.S. Foreign Policy and Role of America in the World

72 % of Czechs against 20 % think that the U.S. in their foreign policy prioritize their own power and economic interests, and 51 % against 38 % believe that U.S. do not take into consideration the opinion of the world community. According to 30 % of Czech citizens the current foreign policy of the U.S. represents a threat to today’s world, while 55 % have the opposite opinion. Czech society is rather convinced that the United States in their foreign policy try to ensure stability and peace in the world (56 % agree, 35 % disagree) and that they stand up for the defence of freedom, democracy and human rights (57 % say yes, 34 % no).

The opinion that in relation to undemocratic regimes the Unites States is entitled to use military force is shared by 22 % of Czech citizens, whereas 66 % oppose it. Since the last comparable survey in 2006 the evaluation of U.S. foreign policy and the role of the United States in the world improved significantly.

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