The Public on the November NATO Summit in Prague

The upcoming NATO Summit in Prague is seen by almost a half of citizens (49%) unfavourably, by 37% favourably and 14% could not take a stand. A similar question asked before the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in September 2000 was answered positively by the same number of respondents as in the case of the NATO Summit, however the amount of negative answers was significantly lower (32%).

In the event of riots and violence during the summit, most respondents (54%) speak for prudent and adequate intervention by the police; more than a third (37%) supports firm action without unnecessary consideration. Only 4% oppose any intervention whatsoever and 5% do not have an opinion on the matter. People most often think that protests during similar summits are aimed against globalisation, against the actual existence of NATO and its activities, or that demonstrators are ordinary hooligans who are interested mainly in having a good fight.