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The relations of the CZ with Poland (90 %) and Slovakia (87 %) are most frequently considered to be good. Moreover, there is a relatively high share of positive opinions concerning relations with Hungary (80 %) and Germany (74 %). Relations with Austria are seen significantly less favourably (38%), more than a half of respondents view them negatively.

The positive evaluation of relations of the CZ with Slovakia has grown by 31 percentage points during the last six years.

The evaluation of relations of the CZ with Germany seems to have been rather fluctuating within the period from February 95 to October 2002. 41% of respondents were at least partially interested in elections in Slovakia, while the interest in German elections was considerably lower – 29% of respondents professed at least partial interest, however, 71% showed small or no interest at all. In both cases people most often think that after the elections have finished mutual relations will not change.