Relations of the CZ with Neighbouring Countries

The relations with Poland (89 %) and Slovakia (89 %) are most frequently considered to be good. Moreover, there is a relatively high share of positive opinions concerning relations with Hungary (82 %) and Germany (79 %). Relations with Austria are seen significantly less favourably, (where 48 % of respondents rate them as good and 49 % view them negatively).

Relations with Poland and Slovakia are considered to be good on a steady basis.

Also relations with Hungary and Germany are rated by the majority as good and a temporary decline in the evaluation recorded last spring was most likely connected with discussions concerning the Beneš Decrees. The appraisal of the Czech-Austrian relation remains clearly the worst compared with other countries, despite a significant increase in positive opinion (+10 percentage points) compared with last October (let us recall that last year the Czech-Austrian relations were burdened by the controversy connected with the Beneš Decrees).