Public Opinion about Transfer of Sudet-German and about President Benes Decrees

In November survey CVVM asked respondents some questions about Benes decrees.

Currently more than a half of respondents (52 %) share the opinion that Benes Decrees should continue to be in force, 11 % stood up for their cancellation, and 37 % had no opinion on this issue.

Another question posed was about the expulsion of Sudet-Germain people from Czech borderland in 1945-6.

Almost half of respondents (48 %) considered this historical act to be just.

On the contrary 28 % marked expulsion as an unjust (simultaneously majority of them claimed necessity to make a thick line behind the past) and 24 % had no opinion on this.

Supporters of Benes decrees were recruited mainly from the older generation of the age of 60 and more (60 %). Young respondents (age of 15-29) were a bit hesitating. Approximately half of them had no opinion on this topic at all.

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