The right-left orientation of the population

The general political orientation of the Czech population is one of the topics the Public Opinion Research Centre has been systematically monitoring. ‘In politics, people sometimes speak of the right and the left. Which of these groups do you think you belong to?’ The results reveal that, in October, 32% of respondents regarded themselves as left-oriented, which is slightly fewer than those regarding themselves as right-oriented – 37%.

22% inclined to the central neutral position and 9% were unable to decide. Significant differences in the self-classification on the right-left political scale occur between sympathisers of individual political parties. Supporters of the KSCM consider themselves by far the most leftist, while supporters of the US-DEU and the ODS consider themselves the most rightist. Sympathisers of the CSSD and the KDU-CSL are situated closest to the central position.