Expertise, quality, objectivity

As a September poll of the Public Opinion Research Centre indicates, people place the greatest trust in persons they know (87% of respondents trust most of them) and in the president (76%). They generally consider the army (62%) and the media, namely television (67%) and newspapers (61%), to be trustworthy. More than a half of respondents are of the opinion that they can believe the majority of people in our country (51%), whereas two fifths are persuaded to the contrary.

Nearly a half of respondents trust the police (48%) and the prime minister (46%).

Approximately two fifths of those surveyed expressed trust in courts and private enterprises. Trade unions and churches are trusted by roughly a third of respondents. Political parties and members of parliament are regarded as the least trustworthy (both trusted by about a quarter of respondents). The percentage of respondents who do not trust a certain institution is highest in case of political parties and members of parliament (both 71%). Mistrust also prevails towards the police, courts, churches, private enterprises and the prime minister (42% - 54%).