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Political culture - March 2013


Czech citizens are critical when talking about political culture of most of politically active people. The exception are members of Municipal Councils. In this case prevails positive evaluation (57%/34 %) . One of the worst evaluation got the political culture of members of Chamber of Deputy (12%/86 %).

According to about three quarters of Czech citizens (77 %) political arguments, problems and scandals are common and occur in other democracies too, although major part of the addressed respondents (81 %) expressed their opinion that these argumentations and scandals discredit us abroad. Significant part of Czech citizens (88 %) agreed that there is a need to inform public about the problems, argumentations and scandals, because the politicians need to be under control of public. Public opinion of political culture is also expressed in the opinion, that the political disputations and scandals serve only to settle one's account (this opinion is held by 70% of the respondents). More than half of the respondents (56%) think that the problems are exaggerated by journalists.

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