Satisfaction with the political situation

In late September, 37% of those polled said they were satisfied with the political situation in the Czech Republic (‘very satisfied’ – 2%, ‘quite satisfied’ – 35%), whereas 58% were dissatisfied (‘quite dissatisfied’ – 42% and ‘very dissatisfied’ – 16%) and 5% did not know. Compared to a survey conducted shortly after the election, no major change occurred in respect of satisfaction with the political situation.

Since mid 2001, the satisfaction with the political situation has oscillated at about 30% of respondents. Young people under 29 years of age, students and apprentices, businessmen, tradesmen and people with good living standards tend to belong to the group of the satisfied. As regards political orientation, the level of satisfaction is quite high among sympathisers of the CSSD. Respondents over 60 years of age, the unemployed, people with low living standards and supporters of the KSCM tend to be less satisfied.