Major problems through the eyes of the public

The problems most often considered by respondents to be the major ones are as follows: unemployment, economic or general crime, corruption, state indebtedness and the reform of public funds, permanent quarrels among politicians, unstable government and the ongoing political crisis, problems in the health sector, politicians’ unconcern for ordinary people and poor work of the police and courts in the enforcement of law.

The respondents also repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the following issues, though not as often as with the above ones: problems in the education sector, non-fulfilment of election promises by the government coalition, bad legislation, position of the Czech Republic in the EU, incompetence of politicians, growing influence of the KSCM and some specific social and economic problems such as low pensions and pension reform, low wages and salaries, rising prices, poor living standards, bad economic performance, high taxes, huge wealth gaps and occurrence of poverty, insufficient state care of families with small children and a housing shortage.