When a politician is supposed to leave his office?

Practically unanimous agreement with demands to demission exists only in cases, when

a politician is punished for delict, either delict connected with his politician office or not. In a similar way public perceive accusation of delict. As a reason for resignation public suppose illegitimate usage of academical degree(90% of respondents are for demission), if a politician was connected with a criminal act in public (89%),lying in public speech(82%), commitment an alcoholic disturbance (78%), unclear financial or property machinations (76%), causing serious car accident (74%), being sentenced for civil litigation (69%), public unbecoming behaviour (64%).

Almost a half of respondents (45%) expressed an opinion that a politician should ask for demission in case, he commits an offence though it is not connected with his politician office.

The citizens admit that the politician could stay in his office although a member of his family commited a crime though two fifths of respondents share oppositet opinion.

Citizens are most tolerant in case when politician is blamed for marital infidelity, which is cause for demission of a politician only for 26 % of repondents, on the other hand 64% of citizens do not suppose it to be a problem at a political stage.

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