Evaluation of the activities of political parties and selected institutions - June 2012


In June survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre, the citizens of the Czech Republic evaluated the activity of political parties and institutions. For evaluation was used Czech school classification, where the best is number one and the worst is number five.

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The best rating, with an average score of less than 3, was received by the Ombudsman (2.58) followed by the President of Republic (2.93). After them the following were the Czech Social Democratic Party (3.39), the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (3.53), the President of the Senate (3.54), the President of the Chamber of Deputies (3.63), the Senate (3.73), the premier (3.79), the Civic Democratic Party (3.84), the party TOP 09 (3.85), the Government (3.94), the Chamber of Deputies (3.99) and the political party Public Affairs (4.46). Most of investigated institutions and parties are evaluated worse than in 2010 with most notable falls of score in case of Public Affairs, TOP 09, the Government and the premier.

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