Confidence in constitutional institutions and government evaluation

The president is trusted by 45% and distrusted by 52% of citizens. The level of confidence in the president has dropped by 9 % points compared to July. The new government of Vladimír Špidla enjoys confidence of 48% and is not trusted by 46% of the respondents. The new Chamber of Deputies enjoys confidence of 32% (5% points more than the previous Chamber of Deputies) and is not trusted by 62% of the respondents.

The Senate is regarded as trustworthy by 22% of interviewees and its level of distrust reaches 69%. Regional councils are trusted by 37% and not trusted by 31% of the respondents. The highest level of satisfaction within the government evaluation concerns the declared programme, which is favoured by more than a half of the respondents (52%) while only less than one third expressed their discontent (29%). The Špidla’s cabinet communication with the public was positively evaluated by 49% of the polled people (negatively by 39%) and almost identical results were achieved in the evaluation of the government activities up to now (satisfaction pronounced by 48% respondents, discontent by 41%). Most of the interviewees (46%) though declared discontent with the personal constitution of the government (only 36% of the respondents are satisfied).