Politicians popularity and supreme constitutional officials activities evaluation

Stanislav Gross still remains at the top of the chart (he enjoys confidence of 72% of the respondents), followed by ministers Tvrdík (59%) and prime minister Špidla (56%). Despite a significant drop, Petra Buzková is still favoured by slightly more than a half of the respondents (51%). In comparison with the results from April 2002 there has been a significant growth of public confidence in minister Tvrdík (+10% points) and prime minister Špidla (+7).

A huge public confidence drop affected Jan Kavan (-26% points) and significantly worse results were also achieved my minister Buzková (-17) and Václav Klaus (-12). Confidence in Václav Havel and Petr Pithart dropped by 7 % points. Among the supreme constitutional officials it was the prime minister, who achieved the best – above average – results after the elections.