Confidence in constitutional institutions

After the February drop in the public’s confidence in the government the level of its trustworthiness has grown again – in March Špidla’s Cabinet was trusted by 47 % and not trusted by 49 % of the respondents. Similar growth has been recorded also in the case of the Chamber of Deputies, which enjoyed confidence of 40 % and was distrusted by 54 % of the interviewees. The Senate is regarded as trustworthy by 27 % of the respondents, which matches its evaluations in 2001 and 2002.

Gradual growth of the level of confidence in regional councils has stopped at the 40 % level, now it is trusted by 38 % of the respondents. In March local councils enjoyed confidence of 65 % of the polled citizens. While 35 % of interviewees believe that the current government is doing good, 59 % of the respondents maintain the opposite view.