Politicians’ popularity

Stanislav Gross remains at the top of the chart (he enjoys confidence of 66% of the respondents), followed by president Václav Klaus (60%) and ministers Tvrdík (54%) and Buzková (52%). The 50 % public confidence limit was further surpassed only by the ex-president Havel (52%). In comparison with the January 2003 results there was a significant growth in public confidence in the case of president Klaus (+25 % points), ODS leader Topolánek (+7 %) and ministers Šimonovský and Škromach (both +5 %).

On the contrary, a statistically significant confidence drop concerned prime minister Špidla (-16% points) and also ministers Buzková (-7 %), Gross, Tvrdík and Dostál (all of them –6 %), Senate chairman Pithart (-5 %) and ministers Součková, Svoboda and Mlynář (all of them –4 %).