Confidence in constitutional institutions

Most of Czech citizens already traditionally trust in the president of the republic (66 %). On the contrary, the lowest level of confidence belongs to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, which are currently trusted by only about one fifth of the respondents. Compared to November there was a significant drop in the level of the public’s confidence in the government (-6 % points), now trusted by 29 % of the interviewees.

High level of trustworthiness belongs to local councils – they are trusted by 61 % of citizens while regional councils only by 40 % of the respondents. Ombudsman enjoys confidence of almost a half of the Czech citizens, in the meantime being regarded as untrustworthy by more than a quarter of inhabitants. A half of the respondents also expressed confidence in the Constitutional court, which is not trusted by almost one third of the respondents. The Supreme inspection authority is trusted by 54 %

and not trusted by 27 % of the respondents.