Popularity of top politicians

In October survey, the Public Opinion Research Centre investigated whether the respondents confide in selected constitutional bodies.

The submitted list included the names of 25 politicians (all members of the government, president, chairmen of Senate and Chamber of Deputies,

leaders of parliamentary parties and EU-commissioner Špidla).

President Václav Klaus is considered to be the most trustworthy person, he enjoys trust expressed by almost two thirds of respondents(65%).

A half of responents trust in prime minister Jiří Paroubek (49%) and minister of culture Vítězslav Jandák (51%).Almost two thirds of respondents have confidence in minister Petra Buzková(42%) and almost a third of respondents confide in minister Sobotka and Škromach (35% and 32 %). In comparism to results in May and September number of those who trust in minister Buzková has risen(+8% points), Minister Škromach (+8% points) and Bublan (+6 % points), leader of KDU-ČSL Kalousek (+4% points) and leader of KSČM V.Filip (+5% points). Drop of popularity was detected at prime minister Paroubek and leader of ODS (both -4% points), minister Sobotka (-5% points), chairman of Chamber of Deputies Zaorálek (- 6% points).


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