Trust in institutions of public life and interpersonal trust - April/May 2023


Of the public institutions surveyed, the police (74%), the army and banks (68%) are the most trusted. On the other hand churches (28%) and political parties & movements (24%) are the least trusted.
Higher prevalence of trust over distrust is also evident in the case of courts, opinion polls, trade unions and radio. In relation to non-profit organisations, trust and distrust are more or less equal. For the remaining institutions (television, the internet), mistrust is already slightly or strongly prevalent (political parties and movements, churches, the press).
Compared to the previous survey of March 2022 and August 2021 respectively, the biggest changes were recorded in the case of trade unions (10 percentage point increase in trust), non-profit organisations, opinion polls and political parties (6 percentage point increase in trust), the internet (5 percentage point increase in trust) banks and radio (4 percentage point increase in trust). The army and the police, on the other hand, recorded a year-on-year decline in trust (by 5 percentage points).
Interpersonal (social) trust is slightly lower in Czech society compared to the previous survey from March 2022. 94% of respondents trust their closest relatives (down by 4 percentage points), while 73% trust ordinary people (down by 6 percentage points).

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