• Knowledge and Assessment of Nuclear Fusion

    NS_1605 In May 2016 within the survey "Our Society", the annual block of questions on the topic of energy was exceptionally extended for some specific questions. All reports from this survey

  • Public on Energy Policy and the Future of Power Production

    NS_1605 In May 2016 within the survey "Our Society", the annual block of questions on the topic of energy was exceptionally extended for some specific questions. The survey focused on the interest of citizens in energy policy of the Czech Republic, its...

  • Public on Nuclear Power Engineering - May 2016

    NS_1605 In May 2016 the Public Opinion Research Centre within the broader thematic area of the environment enquired some questions related to the exploitation of nuclear energy in power engineering. All reports from this survey

  • Attitudes towards Environment Protection and its Funding - May 2016

    NS_1605 In its May's survey, CVVM examined attitudes of the Czech public to various environmental questions. Within this larger bloc there was a battery of questions concerning the willingness to do something for environment protection. Another...

  • Evaluation of the Environment - May 2016

    NS_1605 In May CVVM survey was focused on environmental issues. Respondents were asked about how satisfied or dissatisfied they are with the state of environment in the Czech Republic and in their place of residence. All reports from this survey

  • Evaluation of environmental protection - May 2016

    NS_1605 In May 2016, the Public Opinion Research Centre asked questions about environment and its protection. All reports from this survey

  • Attitudes and Activities of Czech Society Regarding the Environment – May 2016

    NS_1605 In May 2016, the Centre for Public Opinion Research asked four questions regarding the environment. The first two questions were concerned with interest of respondents about information connected with the environment. The second two questions...

  • Contentment with Life - May 2016

    NS_1605 In the May survey the Public Opinion Research Centre of the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic posed to all respondents a question: "How satisfied are you with your life? Are you very satisfied, rather...

  • Attitude of Czech Public to Accepting of Refugees in May 2016

    NS_1605 In May 2016 Public Opinion Research Centre included a block of questions connected to accepting refugees from countries affected by military conflicts. Questions focused mainly on opinion towards accepting refugees from concrete regions...

  • Czech Public on Global Environmental Problems – May 2016

    NS_1605 In May within the regular research the Centre for Public Opinion Research focused on the environment. Representatives of the Czech population answered questions on particular environmental phenomena in the sense of their problematic character....

  • Citizens on Economic Situation of the Czech Republic and Living Standard of Their Households – May 2016

    NS_1605 According to the May survey of CVVM, 33% of people evaluate the current economic situation in the Czech Republic as good, 38% view it as neither good nor bad, and 27% consider it to be bad. All reports from this survey

  • Evaluation of Activity of Ministries - May 2016

    NS_1605 In May 2016 survey we enquired a question in which respondents on a scale corresponding to school grades evaluated activity of individual ministries, the Government Office and the Office of the President over the past twelve months. All reports...

  • Confidence in constitutional institutions and satisfaction with political situation in May 2016

    NS_1605 In May 2016 within the regular survey CVVM SOÚ AV ČR, v.v.i., questioned respondents about their confidence in constitutional institutions. In this month there was a question about their trust to the Chambers of Parliament, the President, the...

  • Party Preferences and Voting Model in May 2016

    NS_1605 In May survey CVVM investigated how people trust to political Parties and whether they are willing to take part in elections to Chamber of Deputies. In the press release there are two different types of information: Party preference and a model...


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