Economic Situation and Materialistic Life Conditions in the CR, Poland and Hungary as perceived by the General Public.

The standard of the Czech economy is evaluated as being positive by 45% of Czechs, 54%, on the other hand, are rather critical about it. As far as the present economic situation is concerned, the Czech general public is relatively concerned about it. Only 6% of respondents consider the current situation to be good, whilst 57% think that it is bad and 35% describe it as being neither good nor bad.

A similar trend in society concerning the current economic situation can be detected also in Hungary and Poland, even though the Hungarians are less polarised in the evaluation of their economy (45% bad economic situation, 4% good) and Poles are even more critical (64% bad and 6% good). Our people are, compared to Hungarians and Poles, more pessimistic in expectation for economic growth during the next year whilst their expectations considerably worsened over the last two year. On the other hand, materialistic conditions of their households are perceived by Czechs in a relatively positive light and, at the same time, in a considerably more positive way, than those of Poles and Hungarians. At present 34% of Czechs consider their materialistic conditions to be good, 42% neither good nor bad and 24% to be bad.