Economic Impact of the Czech Republic’s Accession to the EU II

Positive expectations in connection with the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU prevail only for the category of the available range of goods and services in our market when three fifths (61%) expect a positive impact, one quarter (26%) do not expect either negative or positive impact and only 7% suspect a decline. A relatively positive expectation of the impact was recorded also for science and research, where respondents expect the positive impact (38%) clearly more often than the negative one (8%) and also the neutral one (29%).

Prevalence of positive over negative answers simultaneously with a comparable, or even prevailing ratio, of those who did not expect a shift in one direction or the other was noted for the areas of the standard of economy, stable exchange rate of the Czech Crown, banking, health care and the school system. As for the level of social security, the most frequent response was that this would not be affected by the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU whilst negative expectations had a pronounced prevalence over the positive ones. Negative expectations prevailed for the impact on industrial companies, small and medium size businesses, but mainly farmers.