The Economic Situation and Materialistic Conditions as Viewed by the General Public Opinion

Generally, critical views prevailed over positive opinion on the evaluation of the current economic situation. The lowest degree of dissatisfaction was recorded in Hungary (40% - bad economic situation but only 4% good), and the highest in Slovakia (70% bad, 2% good). The opinion of the Polish and the Czech general public could be inserted between the previous two and at the moment is rather similar.

9% of Czech respondents consider the current economic situation in the CR to be good, 53% to be bad and 35% characterise it as neither good nor bad. In Poland 7% think the situation is good, 56% thin it is bad and 31% were neutral in their evaluation. Czechs are positive in their perception of materialistic condition of their households. In the last poll 27% of Czechs identified materialistic conditions of their households as good, 42% as neither good nor bad, and remaining 24% as bad. Compared mainly to Hungary (10% good, 60% neither good nor bad, 30% bad) and Slovakia (16% good, 49% neither good nor bad, 35% bad) the evaluation of materialistic conditions of our households has much more positive results. In Poland (26% good, 45% neither good nor bad, 29% bad) the evaluation of materialistic conditions of households in the latest survey was rather close to the evaluation provided by Czech respondents.