The economic situation and material living conditions from the perspective of public opinion in central european comparison

Generally, critical evaluation of the current economic situation prevailed positive evaluation. . The highest degree of satisfaction was recorded in Czech Republic (12% good, 41% - bad economic situation, 42 % no good or bad), and the highest in Slovakia (70% bad, 2% good). Lower degree of satisfaction is in Hungary, where almost a half or citizens (48%) critically consider current economic situation, only 1 out of 20 citizens stated positive evaluation.

More than a half of dissatisfied people with current economic situation are both in Poland (55% - bad economic situation, 12% good) and in Slovakia (56% - bad economic situation, 7% good).

In comparison to the three other countries, where similar survey was made, Czechs are more positive in their perception of materialistic condition of their households.

In the last poll 32% of Czechs identified materialistic conditions of their households as good, 44% as neither good nor bad, and 23% as bad) Among other of these countries evaluation of materialistic condition of Poland was recorded as best. (26% good, 32% bad), it is followed by Slowakia (20% good, 33% bad) and the worse evaluation of materialistic condition was in Hungary (12% good, 33% bad).

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