Public opinion on reform of pensions, taxes and benefits. Reforms – yes or no?

The czech society mostly think that reforms in various areas are necessary.The strongest need for reform is in area of housing and health care system, mainly also in area of pensions , social benefits and taxes.In March 65 % - 70% of respondents agreed with opinion that Czech Republic need radical reforms in all mentioned areas.When talking about concrete problems, they insist on enhancement of social measure.

It can be proved by 60% of respondents who share an opinion, that living wage determined by czech government is not sufficient for essential needs of poor households.On the other side almost two thirds of respondents agree that people should themselves care for their life in pension, they should save money, have retirement income insurance…etc. Taxes should be progressive and half of respondents is against the tax same for all people. In area of social benefits people agree that social benefits are only for needy people (76%) , while people who avoid working and rely on state benefits, these peole should get lower social benefits or none (78%).Nevertheless the same number of respondents suppose social benefit to be important for support of families.

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