What Would People Do in the Case of Losing a Job?

In the case of losing a job, people would usually look for a new one, usually a specific job that would correspond to their idea of a new job defined in advance (53%). Approximately two fifths of respondents (42%) on the other stated that they would look for any job in this situation and the remaining 5% answered that they did not know. 76% said that they would be willing to undergo re-training if this was a condition necessary to acquire new employment, 71% said they would be willing to work overtime, 69% would agree to a higher work pace, 55% to a transfer to less qualified work, 48% to work at weekends, 41% would agree to shorter working hours, 37% to night shifts, 36% to worse pay, 25% to worse working conditions, 21% to a longer daily commuting time, and 13% to the need to move.