Citizens on the Standard of Living and Family Finance

At the beginning of 2003, 61% of respondents considered the standard of living of their household to be good, 36% thought the opposite. 39% of Czechs consider their household to be poor. Difficulties with managing the current income were admitted by 61% of respondents, 35% on the other hand state that they managed the budget more or less easily. 28% of respondents got into a very difficult financial situation last year, whilst for 66% this was not the case.

90% of households have income sufficient to buy food, clothes, or usual household goods and cover housing expenditures; half or respondents can also finance hobbies and interests of family members, 42% could buy a better quality and also more expensive food, 37% were able to save and 21% were able to support their children’s or parents’ household. 43% admitted having financial commitments, contrary to 31% of households that are owed money by someone else.