Parental Leave and the Opportunities for Men and Women to Become Economically Active

A large proportion of those who are economically active identify the opportunity for women to become economically active compared to men to be worse in their field of work. With the exception of the ability to get a management position, where the opinion that men have a better chance compared to women was supported by almost three fifths of respondents, this view does not prevail over the portion of those who see the position of men and women to be equal.

The results of the survey further show that the majority of economically active people do not view paternity leave as negative. The majority of respondents consider paternity leave to be rather normal; despite this, a quarter of economically active respondents admitted that they would be surprised if a colleague decided to take the opportunity. This is connected with the fact that even though the majority tend to think that a father would be able to look after a baby, and only one tenth think the opposite, there is still no wide spread public opinion concerning the matter. Men are more sceptical towards the fathers’ ability to look after babies.