Unemployment and Acceptability of a Job Offer

Within the group of the 15+ population where the option of unemployment could be first considered, a quarter of them (26%) have experienced unemployment since 1989, while 9% of were unemployed repeatedly. People with basic education (43%) were those who most often experienced unemployment, unlike university graduates where the ratio of those who had ever been unemployed was relatively low (9%).

The ratio of those that had been employed did not differ between those with qualifications but with uncertified apprenticeships (28%), secondary school leavers with a school leaving certificate (23%), and the rest of the average within the whole population. It was unskilled or agricultural workers who, in the group of those who were currently without work, were most often affected by unemployment (46%). As far as the length of unemployment was assessed, about a half of people (51%) have been unemployed for less than six months whilst, for 23% of them, unemployment did not exceed 3 months. Contrary to this, 23% of unemployed were without work for more than one year.