Standard of Living, Family Finance, and Social Conditions as viewed by Public Opinion

32% of those who were asked indicated that the standard of living of their household was good, contrary to the opinion of 25%, and 43 % of respondents characterised it as neither good nor bad. Compared to all previous polls from 2003 this shows a rather significant setback in the subjective evaluation of the standard of living of households, which in the past indicated that up to two fifths of respondents considered it to be good and less than one fifth had the opposite opinion.

This development can be affected by discussions on the topic of the so called public funds reform and consequences of some of the measures connected with its implementation.

In the poll, 90% of respondents stated that they had a family budget sufficient to cover household basic needs, 53% could also finance hobbies and interests of the family members, 41% could buy more expensive food, 35% were able to save and 23% were able to support their children’s or parents’ household.