Unemployment as Viewed by Public Opinion

In our November survey we asked several questions concerning unemployment; 7 out of 10 respondents indicated that the current level of unemployment in our country was too high, one quarter of Czechs believe that it is adequate and only 1% of our inhabitants consider it to be too low. One quarter of Czech citizens think that the unemployed in our country cannot find any work. A half of respondents think that the unemployed cannot find suitable work and the opinion of the remaining quarter of respondents was that the unemployed were simply not interested in finding work.

More than a half of respondents predicted a rise in unemployment in the next two years. One third of Czechs believe that the level of unemployment will remain about the same and only 8% of respondents expect it to decrease. In the event of losing their jobs, 6 out of 10 Czechs would seek a specific job. Contrary to this, 38% of respondents would be willing to accept any job in such a situation.