The Czech Public on Global Ecological Problems

The problems in question are considered by an absolute majority of respondents to be very or quite serious. As the largest threat they see pollution of sources of drinking water and its shortage; moreover the problem of waste cumulating is similarly seen as serious. These phenomena, directly connected with every day life are perceived by 55% - 56% of respondents as extremely important and by another third as considerably important.

However, relatively remote phenomena are also at the centre of attention, such as the disappearance of rain forests (46% "very serious") and global warming (43% "very serious"). Moreover, two fifths of respondents emphasise the seriousness of draining sources of raw materials and reducing numbers of plant and animal species. Among the stated phenomena, losses of agricultural land brought about by its pollution and other depreciation have a relatively lower importance (35% “very serious"). Finally, the smallest concern arises in connection with nuclear power plant operation, only one fifth (18%) of respondents consider it to be very risky.