The Public on Issues Relating to Protected Landscape Areas and National Parks in the CZ I.

In the survey implemented in the fist half of October, opinions and standpoints of the population regarding the issues of protected landscape areas and national parks in the CZ were explored for the needs of the Czech ecological Institute. Citizens, with some exceptions, do not doubt the importance of protected landscape areas and national parks for nature protection (97 %). A half of respondents think that villages and towns located in protected areas manage to exploit the opportunities, which these localities offer them; this is for example, the possibility of making a profit from tourism (51 %).

Every fourth person is convinced of the opposite (25 %) and the remaining approximate quarter could not assess the situation (24 %). Respondents, who appraised co-operation between administrations of the protected landscape areas and national parks and the neighbouring villages as bad (a total of 13 %), mostly agreed on the fault being on the part of the administrations of the protected areas, as well as villages and their lack of understanding of the needs of nature protection.