Health care system reform : Public opinion on problems of Health system

Two thirds of respondents are dissatisfied with current state of czech health service.Financing of czech health service, drug management,running of insurance companies are supposed to be the main problems of czech health service. People perceive the problems in different areas of health service according to their own standart of living. More than four fifths of respondents highlighted need for reform of health care system.


According to more than half of respondents the way how to reach the more stabilized health system management is to raise state budget expenditures even if the state taxes had to be raised.Almost all the plans about financial participation in health care are refused by more than half of repondents, only fee per prescription is approved by 50% of respondents and turned down by same number of people. From the list of offered administative measureas for decrease of financial deficit in Health care system – proposal of decrease in number of specialized health care institucions was rejected by most of respondents. On the other side people support establishment of the only insurance company. Even though people consider the area of czech health service as problematic, they are not willing to bear the expenses of proposed reforms.

Strong support of the proposal to establish the only insurance company as well as raising of state budget expenditures on financing of health service show us that people see the solution of current situation in financing of public health system which lies in centralization and subsidy of czech health care system.

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