Czech Health system in View of Public

In December 2006 CVVM SOÚ AV ČR focused also on topic Health System and Health Care in the Czech Republic. Approximately a third of Czech citizens(32 %) expressed their satisfaction with Health System in the Czech Republic, only a little less people said that they are not satisfied with it (29 %). More than a half of respondents (51 %) think that quality of Health Care has not changed very much last year.

Almost a half of people (45 %) are satisfied with medical care in our country.Approximately a third of Czech citizens(32 %) are neither satisfied, nor dissatisfied with it. On the other hand a fifth of Czech people (21 %) are dissatisfied with medical care in the Czech Republic.The big problems of Czech health service are seen in financing of Health System, in medicine distribution and in system of insurance companies‘ functions.

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