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Czech Public and the Media

Within the June research we surveyed standpoints of the Czech public towards the media. First of all we were interested in ratings of the main television news programmes. Eight out of ten respondents said that in the previous week they had seen TV Nova news at least once. About three quarters of respondents had watched "Události (Events)" (the main news broadcast of ČT1) at least once. Prima news had been seen at least once by less than a half of Czechs (46%) and ČT2 news by a third (33%).

The dailies MF DNES and Blesk have the widest readership. Four out of ten respondents read at least one issue in a week in both cases. Approximately one third of the population of the CZ listened to the news programme on the Radiožurnál radio station. The same number of respondents answered that they had listened to news on Frekvence 1. Political information on the Internet was sought after at least once a week by less than a tenth of Czech citizens. According to a third of respondents, the ČT1 news programme provides true and complete information relating to news. Less than a quarter of respondents evaluated in the same way information given by the MF DNES daily, Radiožurnál radio station and ČT2 channel. Most respondents find information, which appears in the tabloid Blesk (28%) and the TV Nova news (12%), least truthful.