Evaluation of information in Mass Media

As a part of October CVVM survey there were also some questions investigating how Czech citizens evaluate media. We were also focused on whether people think that monitored media inform them objectively, completely and whether media offer them complete list of important events. Currently the most widespread media is TV so we asked people how often they watch Media coverage.

The best evaluated was Channel - Česká televize (the main news programme – “Events“).

Four fifths of respondents suppose the information shown in this programme is objective (41 % of respondents stated it is objective and complete and 41 % said it is objective but incomplete). A tenth of respondents do not watch “Events“ and 2 % think this programme do not inform them objectively. Two other main news programmes on commercial channels are supposed to inform people less objectively. TV News on Channel Nova is considered to be objective by 7 out of 10 people (when 19 % said the TV News on TV Nova is objective and complete and 54 % it is objective but incomplete). A tenth of respondents express their opinion that information in TV News is not objective and 10 % of people do not watch this programme.

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