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Traditional Czech Cuisine and Us

From the results of the May survey it arises that people associate the term "traditional Czech cuisine" mainly with roast pork, with dumplings and cabbage. Others connect it with beef sirloin in cream sauce, some others with pork schnitzel or goulash. Association with sweet meals, such as fruit dumplings or buns with filling is also quite common. Other meals perceived as typical in traditional Czech cuisine are for example: potato pancakes, roast goose or duck and dumplings as a side dish.

From the traditional Czech meals, households prepare mainly roast pork, with dumpling and cabbage, followed by quite a margin by beef sirloin in cream sauce and fried schnitzel. Goulash was also named quite often. Meals not containing meat, including sweet dishes are also popular – potato pancakes, fruit dumplings and buns with filling.