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Forty five percent of people above 15 years of age in the CZ can cook a wide range of meals. On the contrary, 27 % of respondents admitted they could not cook at all. In our society, there are approximately 19 % of households, in which both partners take turns in cooking. Predominantly women cook in households, they themselves admit it in 67 % of cases. Women, more often than men, were taught cooking by their mothers or grandparents, men, more often than women, learnt cooking from their fathers.

Relatives and cookery books were sources of cooking skills more often for women than men. The most often used technological processes during cooking are: boiling, frying, roasting and stewing; only a small number of Czechs use smoking or flambé methods of cooking. With the exception of smoking and grilling, all the other technological processes are more used by women than men. We like best cooking the meals, we enjoy the most. The respondents were asked to give three answers to the question: “Which meals do you prefer to cook?” Twenty six percent of respondents named as one of these three meals: the most popular is preparation of chicken, 20 % gave schnitzel, 17 % goulash.