Current Problems of Czech Education System in the Eyes of the Public

The September survey also included a section of questions devoted to issues on the Czech school system. Among other things, the respondents gave their opinions about the issues of equal access to education, grammar schools providing schooling over more than four years, and private secondary schools. Almost two thirds of Czech citizens are worried that many talented children in this country will not be given a chance to study, but 6 out of 10 respondents agree with the statement that only ability and the will to study will decide what education level will be achieved and by whom.

Additionally, more than a half of respondents also think that the fact that some people will achieve higher education than the others is caused by various abilities and therefore it is not possible to do anything about it. A similar number of respondents also think that only the rich are capable of providing really good quality education for their children in this country. Moreover, the attitudes of the public towards grammar schools providing schooling over more than four years are not very clear-cut. However, most respondents (70%) expressed their agreement with the statement that this type of grammar school distinctly increases the chance of being accepted to a university. The same number of respondents also thinks that private secondary schools are the solution for those who have not been accepted to a state school and would have to go to a training institution.