Expertise, quality, objectivity

According to the results of our December survey, most Czechs are reliable and try to fulfil their obligations. Eight out of ten respondents said that they fulfil their obligation towards authorities and friends in time. The rule “business before pleasure” is adhered to by more than 60 % of the population of our country. Most Czech citizens have a tendency to plan their future and not to act only on the spur of the moment.

Two thirds of respondents admitted that if they wanted to achieve something they set their targets and determined what means were necessary for the achievement of them. More than a half of the people (57 %) agree with the statement that a person should plan his day in advance in the morning. On the other hand, most Czechs dislike risk taking. Only approximately every fifth respondent admitted that he took risks in order to add excitement to his life. As shown in our survey, in the Czech population there is a relatively high number of people who had the feeling that they did not have their own life and future fully in their hands. Almost a half of Czechs (47 %) believe that many things in their life are determined by fate.