Moods and Expectations of the Public

The general situation in the country is valued by people in more of a critical way (39 %) than positively (10 %), although it is most often seen as “neither good nor bad” (49 %). On the other hand, the evaluation of the current situation from the point of view of family is predominantly positive - 43 % of respondents see their current life and the life of their family in bright colours, the same number of respondents consider it to be “neither good nor bad” and only 13 % of them had a critical view in this respect.

As to expectations for the next year, scepticism prevails over optimism, both on the level of the state (42 % anticipate worsening, and only 17 % improving), and on the level of individuals and families (29 % worsening, 16 % improving). Almost three quarters of respondents (73.2 %) said that in the present situation they felt certain concerns, and when expressed specifically worries of a social and economic nature were distinctly dominant, for example fear of unemployment, price rises, decline in the standard of living - etc. As to the opinion on the future of the Czech population as well as mankind as a whole, scepticism prevails among Czech citizens.