Basic and secondary education: no need for change

Czech public is mostly satisfied with basic and secondary education. Number of respondents, who are not interested in education, raises with their higher age. Most of people do no need any reforms of secondary and basic education. Only 36% of respondents think the new reform is nedeed, while the need of reform did not depend on their age, education or political affiliation. About 50% of students would accept new reforms of basic and secondary education.

The most respondents are satisfied with current placement of secondary students in the educational institutions.

Czech society share same opinion on another controversial problem of czech education policy - upper secondary study 6-year and 8 year at Grammar schools. 61% of respondents agree with preservation of upper secondary study 6-year and 8 year at Grammar schools.

According to respondents basic school should pass down moral values, knowledges and information and develop pupils´ potential, though only 16 % of respondents suppose developing of pupils´ potential to be primary. Secondary education finished by school leaving exam should motivate students to pursue their studies, pass down knowledges and information and develop their potential. The secondary educations finished by certificate of apprenticeship etc. should prepare students for labour market and develop their potential.

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